Our online store is split into 2 sections: Booking/Requesting a shoot from a game or event, and ordering digital images from games we currently cover for local schools and as one of the few central Indiana MaxPreps photographers.

Viewing/Ordering digital images & coverage request

To view and purchase images for games we have already covered, choose one of the main school categories in the menu and find your sport/game/event/etc. All watermarks will be removed before digital files are sent. 

To book/request a person to be covered for a specific event, choose from the list of current events we will be covering and enter in time, date, team and other information about the player you would like covered. Submit your request and if we have an opening we will respond with information on how to pay and receive your images.

If you are interested in coverage of one of the facilities that we are official photographers, or would like someone covered at another location, please choose the appropriate link and send in your request and we will respond back!

So why the ugly watermarks for game photos? ​There has been a concerning trend of people using AI to try and remove watermarks from images so they don't have to pay. Unfortunately, photographers have to stay ahead of the game to try to be able to defeat these methods and make it viewable for people who would like to view, order and support their local photographers.

Pre-Booking event coverage FAQ's

What do you receive when we cover your athlete?

Once we have all the information about the time/place/player, we will have a photographer cover only a fixed number of pre-paid people during that game. This allows us to focus and to get the best shots of players during playtime. Depending on the sport, time played, weather, etc we can take many dozens or more pictures during a game. We average between 25-100 images a game...however...it could be more or less after we go through the images to make sure we have great shots to deliver! Indoor sports like basketball we will be able to get more images as the action is closer and we have easy access to players. Outdoor sports like baseball will have a smaller number of images as the action is less frequent and access to viewable areas can make getting all the shots a bit more difficult. All images are full resolution jpg images that can be used anyway you wish! Prints can be made easily of 8x10 and larger or shared digitally with friends and family.

Players leaving the game early or not enough playtime

We will be there to cover the entire game, but things can happen. If the player is pulled from playing, has an injury or ejected from the game, we will get you everything we have taken up until that point. No refunds can be given as these issues are beyond our control.

Change of time, date, cancellations and refunds

There will be times that games, times, weather and cancellations will affect our coverage of games. We will work with the parents to make arrangements to cover a new game or location. If we are unable to get a new time/date covered, you will receive a refund.

When will I receive my photos?

About 24-28 hours after the completion of the event, you will receive an email link with directions and information about the photos taken. This link will stay about for 30 days after the event, so please be sure to download all of your photos before this expiration. The link can be shared with friends and families!

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